Terms and conditions

Dear guests, welcome to our tourist complex.

We are delighted to have you here. The entire staff of Ljubljana Resort is doing their best to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible. However, to make your stay worry-free, we kindly ask you to respect the following general guidelines.

Check-in and check-out time for hotel ***

Check-in time for the hotel is from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Check-out time is from 8:00 am to 11:00 am.

Check-in and check-out time for the campsite ****

Check-in time for the campsite is from 12:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Check-out time from the campsite is from 8:00 am to 12:00 am.

Check-in and check-out time for mobile homes ***

Check-in time for mobile homes is from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Check-out time from mobile homes is from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.

Inquiries and reservations terms

Each user of the website who submits an inquiry is obliged to ensure that their registered email address is active and valid. Likewise, if a telephone number is provided, it should also be active and valid. By doing so, you authorize us to contact you for the purpose of informing and verifying your inquiry, and further with the reservation. In the event that the user is not reachable by email or telephone, or if an invalid email address and/or telephone number is provided, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.(more in Terms and Conditions)

Privacy Policy

We undertake to permanently protect all personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-2). All data obtained through the website www.ljubljanaresort.com will be used exclusively for sending informational materials, offers, invoices and/or other necessary communication.(more in Privacy conditions)


Any promotional electronic messages will always be clearly and unambiguously marked as such. If you no longer wish to receive promotional messages, we will unconditionally respect your wishes.


We will always do our best to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information posted on our website. However, it may sometimes happen that we fail to update the information in a timely manner. In such cases, the terms and prices at the reception desk will always apply. All photographs on the website may be symbolic and do not guarantee the features of the products or spaces. We are not responsible for typographical errors.

Payment and Cancellation Conditions

HOTEL - Individual Reservations (up to 5 rooms)

1) Option: "Standard Rate"

Reservations for up to 5 rooms (individual reservations) can be made with the "Standard Rate" option. You can cancel this reservation without any cancellation charges up to 3 days before your arrival. If you cancel 2 days or less before your arrival, the first night will be charged. If you don't show up, the full amount of the reservation will be charged. Payment at the hotel (at the reception) can be made with a credit card or cash (EUR) or virtual card. We reserve the right to authorize the guest's credit card before arrival. (more in Booking terms and conditions)

2) Option: "Non-refundable"

Reservations with a non-refundable option must be fully paid on the day of the reservation. Any changes or cancellations are not possible without a fee. If the credit card information is incorrect or the card cannot be charged for any reason, the hotel has the right to cancel the reservation. If the reservation includes contact information, the hotel will notify the customer and request new credit card information. If the guest cancels or changes the reservation or does not show up, the total amount of the reservation will be charged. (more in Booking terms and conditions)

HOTEL - Group Reservations (more than 5 rooms)

Special payment and cancellation conditions apply to all reservations for 5 or more rooms.

For reservations made more than 90 days before arrival, a payment schedule for the first payment - a mandatory deposit of 20% of the total amount - is established. The deposit is refundable only in the amount corresponding to cancellation costs. The same applies to the remaining 80% of the amount paid. (See general cancellation conditions below.)

For reservations made within 90 days before arrival, a payment schedule for the first payment - a mandatory deposit of 40% of the total amount - is established. The deposit is refundable only in the amount corresponding to cancellation costs. The same applies to the remaining 60% of the amount paid. (See general cancellation conditions below.)

The proforma invoice for the advance payment and additional information will be sent to you by the reservations department (sales-ljubljanaresort@gpl.si; Tel +386 70 253 845). Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card. A 2% handling fee will be charged for credit card payments. If the provided information is not valid or active, the hotel has the right to cancel the reservation. The hotel also has the right to cancel the reservation if payments are not made by the agreed date.

General cancellation conditions for group reservations:

Free cancellation applies to cancellations made 91 days or more before arrival.
Up to 45 days before arrival - 10% cancellation fee
Up to 31 days before arrival - 20% cancellation fee
Up to 10 days before arrival - 50% cancellation fee
9 days or less before arrival - 100% cancellation fee
Up to 10 days before arrival, subject to availability, the type of room can be changed. (Any change in the expected number of guests is subject to cancellation conditions and will be charged.)

KAMP - General terms and conditions for reservations:

To confirm a reservation, a deposit of 40% (non-refundable) of the total amount of the planned stay is required. Payment can be made by credit card (with a 2% handling fee). Reservation is possible only through our user-friendly reservation engine.

For holders of ACSI, ADAC and ANWB cards, the difference is lowered at the reception desk, in which case you must inform the receptionist, as later complaints are not taken into account. The final price of the stay may differ from the offer and will be calculated upon the arrival of guests based on their actual data and stay in the campsite.

Early arrival (09:30 – 11:30) subject to availability and is €7.50. Late check-out subject to availability. Parking after check-out is possible in the public Laguna parking lot for an additional fee of €10.00 at the reception. We reserve the right to charge an additional night for unapproved late check-out.

When booking more than 5 pitches, it is considered a group booking, so please send your inquiry to the email: resort@gpl.si, different terms and conditions may apply.

Reservation is guaranteed upon receipt of the deposit and a written confirmation from the resort@gpl.si.

Cancellation of individual reservation in the campsite:

A reservation can be made only upon payment of 40% of the total reservation amount.

The 40% payment made at the time of reservation is non-refundable under any circumstances.
The remaining 60% of the total reservation amount is paid on the check-in date at reception.

If the guest does not come until 6pm , the reservation may be canceled, and the campsite reserves the right to offer the reserved space to other guests. Any changes to the reservation, including the check-in and check-out dates, must be made at least 48 hours before the check-in date. Changes made after this time may not be accommodated, and the 40% payment made at the time of reservation will not be refunded. In case of early check-out, the campsite will not refund any part of the total reservation amount.

Rules of staying in the hotel and campsite:

Every person entering the area of the Ljubljana Resort tourist settlement must be registered. Ljubljana Resort staff reserves the right to verify the identity of persons in the hotel or campsite at any time to prevent unauthorized access.

Smoking is not allowed in the rooms of the Ljubljana Resort hotel. In case of smoking, a cleaning fee of 200 EUR will be added to your bill. In case of major stains or damage to Ljubljana Resort property, you agree to pay for cleaning or repair costs of at least 50 EUR (or according to the assessment of the damage).

School groups staying at the hotel are required to provide a guarantee of 10€ per person upon arrival for any damages.

Nighttime peace at Ljubljana Resort lasts from 23:00 to 7:00. During this time, the use of motor vehicles, engaging in sports and recreation, singing, shouting, slamming doors, setting up and taking down tents or canopies, and similar noisy activities are not allowed. If other guests make justified complaints about excessive noise, the noisy party must immediately leave the area without compensation. After 23:00, motor vehicles are not allowed to pass through the main entrance (barrier). The speed limit within the area for all vehicles is 5 km/h.

Ljubljana Resort offers bike rentals. The use of the bike is at the user's own risk. Ljubljana Resort rejects any monetary or legal claims related to bike rentals. The user agrees to always return the bike to the Ljubljana Resort location on time, even in the event of a malfunction.

Additional expenses related to accommodation are paid by guests upon departure-checkout.

Additional offerings:

Services in the additional offerings are available only upon request and subject to availability. We also offer luggage carrying service, lunch or dinner service (half-board), a package for takeaway lunch, etc. Parking in the campsite, in front of the hotel, or in front of the barrier is at the vehicle owner's risk. Ljubljana Resort is not responsible for any potential damage. Pets are allowed only with prior confirmation in both the campsite and the hotel (as only certain hotel rooms allow pets, availability is limited). The surcharge for a pet's stay depends on the accommodation and ranges between €6.00 and €15.00 per night. If the pet is not registered, an additional €50.00 fee is charged for cleaning. Each guest is responsible for returning their hotel room card, key, or campsite parcel number card upon departure. If this is not done, Ljubljana Resort reserves the right to charge €15.00 for a new card or key.

Compliments, complaints, and claims:

As we respect the relevant consumer protection legislation, you can always send your compliments or complaints via email to resort@gpl.si, or by regular mail to Dunajska cesta 270, 1000 Ljubljana. Within five business days, we will confirm receipt of your message and inform you of how long it will take to handle your matter. We will keep you informed throughout the process. The book of complaints and compliments is located at the reception. We can only handle matters with complete information. If the information is illegible, we will not handle the matter. Otherwise, the above conditions apply. Guests can file claims in person, immediately when a problem arises, at the reception in the book of complaints and compliments, or in writing no later than fifteen (15) days after their stay. The claim must be supported by appropriate evidence. We do not consider claims made later.

Legal notice

As you may recall, when you made your reservation for our hotel or camp, you agreed to the terms and conditions outlined by GP Ljubljana (SI 50029126), who is the owner and operator of Ljubljana Resort located at Dunajska cesta 270, Ljubljana. These terms and conditions cover a range of topics, including cancellation policies, payment terms, and liability limitations. The staff at Ljubljana Resort wishes you a pleasant and relaxing stay!

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